Balance issues? Consider your vision and hearing

Balance issues are quite common, especially as we age. If balance problems go untreated, they can lead to falls and injuries. Mobile PT’s therapists work with seniors to improve their balance, muscle strength, and coordination, while also working on ways to compensate for sometimes irreparable deficits. We evaluate and develop treatment plans to promote safe [...]

Balance issues? Consider your vision and hearing2023-03-14T21:08:48+00:00

Advancing OT with 3D Printing & Assisted Technologies

How does an Occupational Therapist use assisted devices to do their job? How can we help our patients get access to this equipment? Hear from one of our therapists, Claire Uke, who utilizes a 3D printer to help her patients. Learn how technology usage is altering the field of Occupational Therapy. The Role of an [...]

Advancing OT with 3D Printing & Assisted Technologies2022-09-30T21:52:02+00:00

Music Therapy and Alzheimer’s

Is there a special connection between music and the brain? Why are musical memories one of the last memories to go in Alzheimer’s patients? In this blog you will learn about a patient of ours, Paul, who is being treated with both physical and occupational therapy. Paul is responding very well to music therapy interventions. [...]

Music Therapy and Alzheimer’s2022-06-17T20:49:39+00:00
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