Music Therapy and Alzheimer’s

Is there a special connection between music and the brain? Why are musical memories one of the last memories to go in Alzheimer’s patients? In this blog you will learn about a patient of ours, Paul, who is being treated with both physical and occupational therapy. Paul is responding very well to music therapy interventions. [...]

Music Therapy and Alzheimer’s2022-06-17T20:49:39+00:00

Pressure Sores and Custom Wheelchairs

One of the principal goals for our senior patients is to improve their quality of life. Therefore, assessing the adaptive equipment they are using is important.  There are many specialized choices to improve functionality, comfort, and safety. Wheelchairs often present a challenge for patients and their families. A properly configured wheelchair will meet a patient’s [...]

Pressure Sores and Custom Wheelchairs2022-04-28T22:51:53+00:00

Managing Edema with Physical Therapy

Meet Connie! Connie is a long-time patient of Mobile PT. Connie worked in property management and loves to travel, Italy being a favorite destination. She has been working with physical therapist Christina Wallace DPT for the past 10 months, originally contacting Mobile PT for help after a fall. Connie was having difficulty with swelling in [...]

Managing Edema with Physical Therapy2022-03-09T02:46:00+00:00
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