Kara Casey

My recent success story,  Anne.

Anne had been in a wheel chair for several years.  Recently, after a lot of hard work on her part, she was able to walk across the room of her apartment.  The smile she had on her lovely face after she accomplished this warmed my heart.  She is now much easier for her caregivers to transfer since she can actively participate in her transfers.

Scott Holmes

My recent success story, John.

I began treating a 77-year-old male who had not walked in several years due to a variety of low back surgeries and leg weakness. After working with him for a few sessions, it appeared his main problem was confidence. Showing him that his legs still had the strength, and the back pain was minimal, I got him standing initially and feeling confident in a walker. Soon after we were taking short steps in a walker eventually going all the way down the hall.  After several more sessions, he was walking confidently around his house multiple times. Helping patients with confidence and mental blocks is some of the most rewarding aspects of the job. I’m happy to report he’s doing wonderful today and walking well with his walker, the wheelchair gathering dust in the corner.

Christina Wallace

My recent success story, Jim.

Due to his poor balance, Jim fell, broke his leg and needed surgery. Jim didn’t want to go to a skilled nursing facility and his RCF was happy to have him back at home right after the surgery.  Jim had a mobile DR that also agreed to visit him at home right after his surgery.  I was able to provide intense PT at home 5 days a week to Jim in his own environment where he was comfortable in.  As a result of this, Jim recovered to his previous functions quickly and was very encouraged and proud!

Claire Uke

My recent success story, Annie.

One of the things I really enjoy is helping patients with different tools to make their life easier.  I even received a 3D printer for my birthday and love to use it to make tools for my patients!

Annie’s apartment at her Assisted Living Facility had a patio and Annie wanted to be able to enjoy her patio. She is in a wheel chair and couldn’t access her patio.  The door would sometimes close on her when she was out on the patio and with her limited range of motion and mobility she ended up being locked outside.

A door stopper at the bottom of her door was out of the question since Annie is in a wheel chair so I created a higher door stopper for her that was specific to that door.  Annie can use it easily and safely and now she is able to enjoy her patio, get some sun and her qualify of life is much better now!

Daniel Sheehy

My recent success story, Martha.

After her spontaneous vertebral fracture, Martha’s family thought that she would not walk again and needed to move out of her private home.  Due to her financial constraints her only option was to move to a skilled nursing long-term-care facility via Medical.  Martha was devastated and didn’t want to leave her home where she has been for 30 years.  She was dedicated to therapy and we addressed her edema, vestibular issues, strength and balance. After intense therapy, Martha improved significantly and now her family is comfortable for her to stay at home alone.