50 million Americans—around 15% of the population—deals with chronic pain. What’s worse, 8% of these people—around 19.6 million Americans—have severe chronic pain.

While most pain is a passing concern, chronic pain takes it to a whole other level. Think of a bout of pain so long-lasting that you can’t concentrate, socialize, or get through the day.

And if this pain is both chronic and severe, you have an even bigger problem on your hands.


Most people turn to opioids for chronic pain management. These pain killers are readily available and prescribed much more often than they should be. And they help with the pain too—but there’s a major catch.

In 2016, opioid overdoses caused over 42,000 deaths in the U.S. In 2017, the HHS deemed it a public emergency. The CDC routinely calls it an epidemic and cites that the first wave of opioid overdoses and addiction started in 1990.

As you’ve probably gathered, opioids, while effective in mitigating pain, are also highly addictive. Once you become hooked, it’s extremely difficult to stop.


Not only is physical therapy non-addictive, but it’s also safer and has no side effects. Needless to say, there is no chance of a fatality. Moreover, you can continue physical therapy along with any medication you’re taking for chronic pain with a goal of weaning off the opioids.

A professional physical therapist knows how to determine the cause of your pain and will help you manage it. In addition to this, they can help you improve your mobility, become more active, and feel better overall.

In general, physical therapy helps you improve:

  • Strength, power and endurance:  effective, fast, lasting muscle movements
  • Posture: maximizing the spine’s, joints and muscles natural alignment
  • Dynamic balance: maintaining the appropriate posture during an action
  • Range of motion: regaining the proper movement of a joint

Physical therapists will first perform a thorough diagnosis, and might even ask to run some tests. Once the cause of the chronic pain is determined, the therapist will customize a treatment plan that’s specific to your medical condition. Usually, these therapies consist of:

  • Therapeutic massage/manual technics
  • Stretching, targeted exercises, tissue repair techniques
  • Progress the activities safely, effectively and pain-free

Depending on your condition, other therapies—such as occupational or speech therapy—may also be included. The object of physical therapy goes beyond mere pain relief.

It aims to help you become better acquainted with your body and increase mobility while targeting the source of your physical pain over time.


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